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10 Reliable Bearing Manufacturers in German

Here are 10 reliable bearing manufacturers in Germany:

1. **Schaeffler Group**: Founded in 1946, Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of rolling element bearings for automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.

2. **Stieber**: A medium-sized company founded in 1937, Stieber specializes in overrunning clutches and backstops, and is part of the Altra Industrial Motion Group.

3. **IBC**: Continuing the tradition of Robert Kling Wetzlar GmbH since 1918, IBC WÄLZLAGER GMBH is a global player in precision bearings and linear motion bearings.

4. **Zen Group**: Established in Dusseldorf in 1992, Zen Group manufactures bearings in China to German industry standards, with a focus on high-quality production and rigorous quality control.

5. **CSC**: A global manufacturer of rolling bearings with almost 1000 employees worldwide, CSC produces high-quality bearings used in various industries.

6. **DKF/KRW**: Evolved from Deutsche Kugellagerfabrik GmbH (DKF) founded in 1904, Kugel-und Rollenlagerwerk Leipzig GmbH (KRW) continues the development and production of roller bearings in Germany.

7. **STC-Steyr®**: International manufacturer of rolling bearings and accessories, STC-Steyr® has been manufacturing bearings in Steyr, Austria, since 1922.

8. **ASKUBAL**: With over 86 years of tradition and innovation, ASKUBAL is a high-profile brand known for peak performance in all bearing areas.

9. **HFB**: Established in 1996, HFB Wälzlager-Gehäusetechnik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of roller bearing housings and drive components.

10. **GLT-GleitLagerTechnik® GmbH**: Engaged in sliding bearing technology for over 45 years, GLT-GleitLagerTechnik® GmbH offers a comprehensive range of sliding bearings and components.

These manufacturers represent the high-quality standards and innovative capabilities of the German bearing industry.

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