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Industrial stainless steel bearings

Industrial stainless steel bearings are a type of bearing used in industrial applications where their outer ring, inner ring and rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel bearings are typically used where corrosion resistance is required and where they operate in wet or corrosive environments. They are more resistant to corrosion than ordinary steel bearings and are therefore widely used in industries such as food processing, medical equipment, chemicals, and marine engineering.

  • Corrosion resistance: stainless steel material has excellent corrosion resistance, so stainless steel bearings perform more stably in wet, corrosive environments, extending service life.
  • Oxidation resistance: stainless steel bearings can resist oxidation and rust, even in long-term exposure to humid air or liquid can maintain good performance.
  • Cleanliness: stainless steel bearings have a smooth surface and are easy to clean, suitable for use in places with high hygiene requirements.
  • High temperature resistance: certain stainless steel materials have high temperature resistance, suitable for applications that require operation in high temperature environments.
  • Non-magnetic: Certain stainless steel materials are non-magnetic and suitable for use in applications that are sensitive to magnetic fields.
  • High strength: stainless steel materials have good mechanical properties, ensuring the stability of stainless steel bearings under high load and high speed operating conditions.
  • Cam Followers
  • Rod Ends
  • Spherical Plain Bearings
  • Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Insert Bearings
  • Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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