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Dental Drill Bearing- High Speed Miniature Bearing

The high-speed dental drill component is a vital part of a dentist’s handpiece, consisting of various mechanical bearings such as shafts, worm gears, spring chucks, spring washers, back covers, shells, rolling bearings, and rubber positioning rings. These bearings, known as dental drill bearings, are crucial for driving the turbine and shaft at high speeds, enabling the dental drill to perform effectively.

The dental drill bearings supplied by YLH Bearing Group are manufactured with inner and outer rings made of refined stainless steel (9Gr18), stainless steel (9Gr18), or non-metallic superhard ceramic (Si3N4) material for the steel balls, and polyimide or 80-120 phenolic cloth bakelite material for the cage. These materials offer excellent wear resistance, high strength, and self-lubricating properties, enabling the bearings to withstand rotational speeds of 350,000 to 450,000 rpm under air pressure of 200 to 250 Kpa. With normal use, these dental drill bearings boast a working life of over six months.

YLH Bearing Group ensures the manufacturing precision of these high-speed dentist handpiece bearings meets the P4 tolerance in the national standard GB/T307.1-94, making them compatible with various models of dentist handpieces worldwide.

Key features of YLH dental drill bearings include:
1. Selection of critical bearing materials: Special corrosion-resistant stainless steel for bearing rings, Si3N4 ceramic balls with low thermal expansion coefficient, and polyimide TORLON for the cage, ensuring accuracy, performance, and durability.
2. Strict processing technology: YLH optimizes the processing technology to meet structural characteristics and technical requirements, ensuring proper technology retention, dust-proof structure, and critical characteristic parameters.
3. High-speed performance: YLH dental drill bearings can achieve speeds of up to 450,000 rpm, reducing patient discomfort during dental procedures.
4. Precision and accuracy: YLH bearings meet P4/ABEC7 accuracy standards, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.
5. Quality assurance: YLH ensures stable output and bearing quality through rigorous testing and experiments, offering high-quality dental drill bearings.

During installation, it’s essential to maintain cleanliness and apply proper lubrication to avoid damaging the bearings. YLH provides specific installation steps to ensure optimal performance and longevity of dental drill handpieces.

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