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Overview of high temperature resistant bearings

Most customers lack knowledge about high-temperature-resistant bearings, making it difficult to discern their temperature grades without prior use. Here’s a detailed introduction to the relevant knowledge of high-temperature-resistant bearings:

Understanding Ordinary Bearings:
Ordinary bearings typically operate within a maximum temperature of 120°C. These bearings commonly employ GCr15 high carbon chromium bearing steel, known for its high hardness, uniform structure, excellent wear resistance, and superior contact fatigue performance.

Temperature Grades and Classifications of High Temperature-Resistant Bearings:
1. Temperature Grade:
High-temperature-resistant bearings are categorized into temperature grades ranging from 0 to 600℃, including 200℃, 300℃, 400℃, 500℃, and 600℃. Among these, 300℃ and 500℃ are frequently utilized.

2. Temperature Classification:
– Ordinary bearing steel offers high-temperature resistance of 150-200°C, albeit with a shorter service life and higher maintenance costs.
– High-temperature alloy steel withstands temperatures ranging from 300-500℃ and boasts a service life exceeding one year.
– Silicon nitride ceramic rolling elements exhibit exceptional temperature resistance of 800-1200°C, ensuring prolonged service life albeit at a higher cost.

Structural Classification:
1. Conventional Bearing Structure:
Full ball bearings, devoid of a cage, enhance bearing load capacity and low-speed performance, suitable for temperature ranges of 0-800°C. However, these bearings exhibit lower limit speeds, typically below 100r/min.

2. Full Ceramic or Hybrid Ceramic Bearings:
Ceramic bearings, including hybrid variants, offer superior temperature resistance, with some reaching temperatures of up to 1200°C. Hybrid ceramic bearings, featuring steel inner and outer rings with ceramic balls, offer lower temperature resistance but excel in weight reduction, high speed, and extended service life.

Distinguishing High-Temperature-Resistant Bearings from Ordinary Bearings:
– Bearing parts treated with high-temperature tempering are identified by specific suffix codes, denoting their respective working temperature ranges.
– Heat-resistant steel bearing parts are distinguished by unique suffix codes, reflecting their material composition and temperature tolerance.

YLH Bearing Group serves as an authorized agent for HWT and Shanghai B&Y brand high-temperature-resistant bearings, providing customers with good quality high-temperature-resistant bearings comparable to imported varieties.

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